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Android Drone Evolution Game Controller

Mobile devices and accessories are getting very quickly these days, especially gaming accessories. Game controllers for androids and iphones are very high in demands and experts are not disappointing gaming enthusiasts. There are some best android game controllers available these days having loads of features. The only problem that arises among the users is the choices of selection. There are best controllers available in huge number which makes a bit difficult for the users to choose among the best.

Drone evolution

Drone evolution controller is very popular controller. It is available in a variety of colors and also having some great features which you would definitely like to check out.

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Design and buttons

The best feature of this game controller is its portable. It is small and will also fit in your pocket if you are not having space to carry it in your bag. The drone evolution is just available at $65 and looks like any other game controller. It is beautifully designed and available in different color options. There is a pair of face buttons, analogs, shoulder buttons, d-pad and two buttons are available at the back of the controller that triggers. This controller is open source which means you are going to see variety of modes and also having different configuration options which you can check on the internet. If you like to go in depth, then you will also see few modes available and people are playing inaction using these modes.

This controller is very easy to handle. It is easy to charge and is also having a micro USB to charge it easily. The analog stick is easy to handle and d-pad is clicky and nice. Even the select and start buttons are placed nicely and players will also find them easily. There is no chance of slipping over in the middle of the game. There is nothing more frustrating. It is having a decent battery and you will enjoy many hours playing without the need of charging it again and again.

Battery life

Overall drone evolution controller is having great grip, compact design and a good battery life.  It is having all the features which you would like to have in this price range. It is easily available online. Ordering it online is the best option because you might find another great controller. Compare its features and price. This way you are going to have a best android game controller.

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