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Features of the PS Vita L2R2 Button Cover

The Playstation vita has arrived and it is the latest generation portable gaming system. Let’s take a look at some features of the PS vita L2R2 button cover.

Size of PS vita:

This will be about 7.2 inches wide and 3.2 inches height. The weight of PS vita is at 9.2 ounces and it is massive compared to its Playstation portable. This play station is smaller than a tablet but bigger than a regular Smartphone.

About gameplay:

This has the traditional shape buttons. PS vita will support multi-touch screen on the display. On top of the play station, there is also a matching multi-touch screen one on the back. The grip is designed to be shaped to uses a PS Vita slim as the central mechanism. It is designed to hold much like a dual shock controller with hand grips on the left and right side.

Storage and games:

The flash memory card labeled in the Playstation vita card that looks like regular SD cards. PS vita is designed to read only the Sony branded cards. This platform does not have an internal SD card. So if there is any downloaded content, it will be stored on a vita card.

Many games are stored for vita users including uncharted. The perennial popular puzzle for many PSP owners and fighting game for a portable system with analog sticks. The gaming studio is now working to give the new platform a metal gear solid HD collection. Other upcoming games also include in PS vita.

PS vita will come with an internal wireless adapter for regular wireless connection and the system should also be connecting with 3G systems. The data plan does not require for the PS vita.

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